Sustainability nowadays is an overused term. Depending on who is using it, something different can be implied or understood. Meanwhile this is why varying designations have been marketed for sustainable development with little transparency and commonality to compare values.

Ecopell is also working in terms of sustainable development. What does this really mean? We think of a development that makes it possible for the 2021 world as well as for future generations to satisfy their needs. The way we produce Ecopell leather is the we face up to this important responsibility.

Valonea bloom
Valonea fruit
Valonea tanning agent
  • We protect our climate by buying and manufacturing
    raw hides in Germany without long transportation.
  • We protect the environment by rejecting and replacing as far as possible,
    harming and health threatening substances (tanning agents, dyes).
  • Health safety, skin safety and allergy friendliness have been confirmed in tests for all of our leather.
  • We have our products manufactured mainly in Germany and only partly in other European countries. Our suppliers work under strict environmental rules and take occupational safety very seriously.
  • We make use of renewable raw material and take
    species protection into account (tanning agents, raw hides).
  • By the employment of harvestable raw materials as tanning agents
    (Tara, Valonea) we contribute to the economies of people in poor, rural
    regions of developing economies (Turkey, Greece, Peru) to generate income.
  • Independent controls and comprehensive information on our leather
    guarantee future-compatible quality and enhance transparency (certifications).
  • Together with other individuals and organizations we are working on environmental- and human-compatible products and ways of production that support the development of a sustainable economy.

Up to now, we have not reached all of the goals we imagine for leather with future generations in mind. We would be pleased to sell much more leather that has been produced from hides of ecological animal husbandry. In pre-tanning we are working on replacing glutardialdehyde with replacement substances that give the leather the same incomparable hand. But this is also part of comprehensive sustainable development – that the effort on it is not decreasing even though fuller realization of sustainability will take longer.

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