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Good taste needs to be maintained

Ecopell refresher (concentrate) should only be applied to Ecopell natural nappa leather.

  • Regreasing concentrate based on lanolin and olive oil
  • As a rule, mix one part of concentrate with two parts of water and shake briefly. Mix only the amount that is immediately used.
  • Constantly moisten the leather with a cloth and apply the mixture on the whole leather item by moving the cloth in circles.
  • Leave the leather to dry for about 24 hours and wipe it off afterwards with a soft cloth.

The treatment may cause a slightly two-colored tone, for the following reason: Each zone of the skin only absorbs as much concentrate as the structure of the fibre admits. A regular application of 1 to a maximum of 3 times a year is recommended, depending on use and ambient air. The cloth can take on the color of the leather due to the combination of concentrate and dyestuff accumulated particularly in the upper grain layer of the leather – this is a typical characteristic.

  • Store refreshing agent at about 15° centigrade and shake before using.
  • To be used for at least 2 year when properly stored.
  • Available sizes: 250ml,150ml, 50ml

Care instructions

Our leather is modest in its demand for care. In the first years of use it is enough to remove dust and light dirt with a damp cloth. Assuming normal use the leather needs its first „food“ after 2-4 years in the form of a specially developed refresher.

For more intensive use, e.g. in a contract setting, this application might have to occur earlier. Afterwards
it should be refreshed modestly once or twice per year. For Ecopell nappa we recommend our refresher.

For the Ecopell antique collection we recommend the Livos lotion. This lotion
offers caring properties with a slightly impregnating effect.

Picture: Eve+Adis

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