Ecopell Nappa – is a chrome-free and vegetable tanned leather. Its subtle elegant appearance, its pleasant grip and its tart-fresh scent are the result of a manufacturing process which combines traditional tanneries with modern technical procedures. We only use heavy metal-free paints. Everything that harms the health or the environment is dispensed with. Due to the naturalness of Ecopell Nappa the leather get’s a natural patina through light, time and touch. The colors can become brighter or darker over time.

The data sheets with technical values and corresponding test results can be accessed by clicking on the respective color. The leathers are IVN- and ECARF certified.

Features: absolutely soft cowhide

Use: furniture, shoes, leather goods, accessories etc.


  • Type: vegetable tanned leather
  • Raw material: German cattle hides
  • Mas / skin: 4,5-6,0 sqm / 45 – 65 sqft
  • Thickness: 1.4-1.6 mm
  • Tanning: chromium-free / vegetable
  • Behaviour at permanent folding: 20,000 bends, passed / DIN 53340
  • Tensile strength: 20 N / mm, passed / DIN 53329
  • Flame resistance: EN1021 Part I and II

Other data such as light fastness and abrasion resistance can be obtained by clicking on the respective colors.

Note: Due to the system or monitor settings differences in color patterns can arise! Please ask if you are interested in leather patterns.

schwarz 100

happy monk 182

oilfant 183

Natural tone

belugaweiß 360

Natural tone

tara 361

Natural tone

walnuss 166

Natural tone

valonea 363

Natural tone

bahamas sands 369

Natural tone

o sole mio 266

honey 260

mango tango 225

himbeer 229

feuerrot 321

chianti 622

baby rosa 323

miss piggy 226

lavandua 007

campanula 701

adonis blue 107

california blue 709

tobagoblau 707

distel 211

pisello 219

tabalugagreen 216

waikiki 818

karibik 817

indiansummer 101

calvados 844

brown sugar 840

brownie 841

coconut 848

castagno 737

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