Lining leather

Comfort, fit and durability are the decisive factors when it comes to buying shoes. And feeling good in your shoes depends most of all on the leather that’s used in the lining. Linings made of fine cowhide from Ecopell create the individually perfect environment for the feet – soft, breathable and kind to the skin. Linings made by Ecopell are the healthiest and most natural interior you could want for your feet. The leather is tanned with pure vegetable agents, making it particularly breathable – and so kind to the skin that you can even wear the shoes without socks.


… and shoes a lining that shows its quality. For people with skin allergies, shoes lined with Ecopell leather are bliss.

The different colour variations in the leather result from the natural tanning agents used and are not due to colouring additives. In Tara and Valonea leathers, the vegetable agents that give them their names bring out the characteristic light colour. Due to the natural manufacturing process, the colour does not fade in these types of leather and they keep their attractive look for longer. As with all naturally tanned leathers, minor colour variations can appear between one dyeing procedure and another. For linings made from fine cowhide by Ecopell, only selected hides originating in southern Germany and carefully processed there are used.Throughout the manufacturing process, the focus is on natural qualities. Regular testing for harmful substances, conducted by independent institutions, ensures the highest environmental standards for leather production anywhere in the world.

  • All colors are IVN certified and chrome-free considering the IVN leather guidelines.
  • For Orthopedists: all lining leather are SG-tested

By clicking the name of the color of your choice, you can get the datasheet with technical information and the corresponding test results. If you are interested in eco-hides, please get in touch with us by E-Mail.

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